Terms and Conditions

Booking Form and Information - Please ensure you provide a full address for your venue, including post code, contact phone number and the most important, accurate access times.  Please ask wherever possible early access times to enable us to have a wide ranging access time to fit with our schedule that day.   It is not our responsibility to check venue addresses and access times.  If we are unable to gain access or find an address due to inaccurate details this may result in cancellation of your order.  We usually have various functions to attend in any one day with a closely timed diary slot for your event.   If we are unable to gain access or are unable to find a venue due to inaccurate or incomplete details, this may result in the diary slot for your function being cancelled and no refund due to you for any sums paid.    Please remember we may not be local to your area and may not be used to any local terminology for addresses so please always state the full accurate venue address.   Please do read over this booking form carefully it is your responsibility to ensure all details are correct.   Please let us know if there are any inaccuracies.


Deposit - A 50% or non-refundable deposit, agreed at the time of booking, whichever is the lesser of the two amounts, is required at the time of booking.  This ensures that we can book the date of your function and protect you against any future price increases.   In cases of cancellation the 50% or non-refundable deposit will be offset against any sums refunded to you.  In the cases of cancellation due to error on your part no sums will fall to be refunded to you. Your final balance is payable the week before your event.   Please send a cheque made payable to Caesar’s Party Supplies (“Caesar’s”) for the full amount due or, alternatively, please telephone us and we will be happy to take payment via debit or credit card.  Please ensure all funds are paid prior to your event.   We unfortunately cannot decorate any venue unless any monies owed are are paid in full.  


If you are unsure of your exact order, we are always happy to take a deposit and thereafter, you can confirm to us nearer the date of your function what décor you require for your event.   This enables us to book a diary slot for you for that day without your concrete order for that event.   We can provide an estimated amount due to you where you do not have final table numbers and we will be happy to adjust any invoice accordingly if table numbers change.


Any changes to your (“the customer”) order should be intimated to us two weeks prior to your event.   We are always happy to accommodate changes to orders and will have extra stocks of balloons on the day of your function so can accommodate increases to orders, in the event that your venue may require extra decoration, as agreed by yourself.


Cancellations – All deposits are non-refundable.  Balances are payable four weeks before your party.  If any event is cancelled four weeks before it is due to take place all funds are due to be payable and no refunds will be due.


Health & Safety - At no time should helium be inhaled it is an asphyxiant.  Caesar’s accepts no responsibility for any guests, party members, the customer, hotel or venue staff who may inhale helium and who may experience  breathing difficulties through the inhalation of helium or any other effects.     


The balloon décor will be positioned in such a manner as to cause the least amount of disruption and in the best possible area for health and safety reasons.   Caesar’s accepts no responsibility for any accidents caused by the customer, guests, party members, hotel or venue staff or members of the public at your function moving, hitting or interfering with the balloon décor. 


Caesar’s sometimes use water weights to weigh down our columns.  The weights are secure and will only burst if the columns are moved, hit or interfered with.  Please ensure that if ordering columns that no-one tamper, hit or interfere with these balloons and, under no circumstances should columns be moved.


Please ensure all guests and your venue are aware that the function area should be left clear whilst we set up our balloon decoration to ensure we have a clear working area.    At no time should any guests, party members, hotel or venue staff interfere or touch any of our equipment or helium canisters.   Keeping our working area clear helps avoid any accidents when dealing with heavy helium canisters or, working with invisible thread and we accept no responsibility for any accidents caused by the customer, guests, party members, hotel or venue staff.    The whole function room should be kept closed to guests and party members in particular whilst we work.  Whilst we appreciate hotel or venue staff will require access to re-stock bars etc. we do ask that they do not interfere where possible with our working area and stay clear of this area.


Please help protect the environment. After your event has finished please ensure that you, the customer, guests, party members, hotel or venue staff do not release any balloons outside and dispose of these in an appropriate manner.   Balloons from balloon decorations and displays are not suitable for outdoor release.   They may have ribbon or other decoration supplies attached to them.  Foil balloons in particular can cause damage to electricity lines if they come into contact with these.   


Information  - Both heat and cold affect the float lifespan of a balloon.  We accept no responsibility for balloons which are affected by either heating or air conditioning within venues, or where doors are left open to let in cold air.  We will always endeavour to place balloons in a position where they will  not be affected but in cases where this is impossible it is your responsibility to check your venue for this to see if your decorations will be affected.   By ordering with us you accept these terms. 


Caesar’s accepts no responsibility for any decorations which may burst or deflate due to being moved or interfered with by the customer, guests, party members, hotel or venue staff or anyone entering your party after we have completed set up and left the venue.


Things to look out for -  When booking balloon décor please pay particular attention to venue ceiling heights, positioning of air conditioning vents, wall lights where floating gumballs may be affected and room access.   We will be happy to hear from you with any points or areas of concern.


Your balloon décor will be set up at least ½ hour before the party or function is due to start, however, in cases of force majeure we accept no responsibility for matters or events outwith our control.   In cases of force majeure a full refund will be given, however, we accept no liability for any affect the lack of decoration may have on an event.  


We reserve the right to change or move decorations where the venue ceiling height or other matters within the venue pose restrictions.   There will be no refund given where we are forced to change decorations to compensate for inadequate space or ceiling height.


We reserve the right to change the colour of balloons or designs where appropriate within decorations, for any reason.  We will always keep within your colour theme and this shouldn’t affect your overall display.


Framework, base plates, balloon nets & exploding balloons - Where we require to use framework with balloon décor we will advise you.   There is a deposit payable of £30 per base unit for example for columns and frame work for heart frames.  This is payable via a valid visa or debit card number being kept on record.   In the event that framework is not returned or returned damaged or faulty a charge of £30 per base unit or framework will be charged to your visa card.   If the payment does not go through your visa card we will obtain payment via another method.   Please ensure you advise your hotel that frames are to be collected if applicable.


Should base units or framework require to be returned to us we will state this on our booking form.  Where venues are local we will simply pick framework and base units up from venues with prior arrangement.   Where the venue is outside Cumbernauld and surrounding areas, it is your responsibility to return the framework or base units to us in good working order in the same condition as they were left at your venue.    If you cannot return frameworks easily, we can charge a further delivery/set up charge to pick these up.   Please state clearly your preference when ordering balloons.  The exploding contains confetti and mini balloons we accept no responsibility if your venue does not clear this up during your function and anyone falls or slips on the confetti or balloons.   Please note the wand for the exploding balloon is very sharp and not suitable for children.  


When ordering exploding balloons please check with your venue that they allow these.  To secure the exploding balloon we require to use either an existing hook which may be in the ceiling already for previous decoration or to use a drawing pin.  We will always where possible insert the drawing pin in such a way to cause least offence i.e. on ledges or already existing areas where hooks are used.     Exploding balloons come with a wand which has a very sharp end.  The wand should be used for the purpose only of exploding the balloon and is not suitable for children to use.   After exploding the balloon please dispose of this in a suitable manner.   Caesar’s accepts no responsibility for the wand being used for any other reason than exploding the balloon.


Balloon nets require to be secured to ceiling hooks, please be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure the venue has adequate ladders to reach to ceiling to enable us to attach balloon nets and exploders.   If they do not have ladders there will be a hire charge on ladders which require to be provided if the ceiling is over 12 feet high.   Please ensure that if we are able to use hooks already in the ceiling that these are of a quality that will hold the weight of a balloon release drop.  Caesar’s is not liable in any way for any damage caused if hooks do not hold the weight of balloon nets if we are advised that they will.  Please do get in touch with your hotel to ensure that they will allow exploding balloons and balloon nets to be attached to their ceiling.   If we arrive at a venue and there is not adequate attachment points there will be no refund given in cases like this.  We will arrange with the venue to return to collect the balloon net at a convenient time.